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Please note that we are unable to accommodate children under 14 years old.Come join us for a fun filled weekend learning all the tricks of the trade and creating one of a kind fused glass.Over time she specialized more and more in using Dichroic glass to create one of a kind eye-catching jewellery, vessels, wall and garden art.

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In this class you will learn about different types of glass and their compatibility, as well as the proper way to handle, cut, and grind your glass.Learn how to fuse glass and make fused glass art, jewelry home decor and more.Melt and reshape glass in the intense heat of a kiln to create art pieces or practical objects like plates and bowls.Glassblowing largely supplanted fusing due to its greater efficiency and utility.Many topics will be covered including Glass Cutting, Lay-up, Compatibility, Firing Schedules, Design Fundamentals and Color Theory.

Join us for this comprehensive glass fusing class for the beginner.These classes are a one-on-one taught at my studio in Lakeside.We are pleased to offer a selection of classes on fused glass techniques.

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Popular among glass artists today, as it was in the golden age of Greece and the Roman Empire, this technique softens and shapes glass in a kiln.We have the largest inventory of glass fusing supplies online, all backed by people who know and We have the largest inventory of glass fusing supplies online, all backed by people who know and.Everything you need to design for your home or your next glass project.


Glass fusing is the art of assembling glass components and then firing them in a kiln.

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The process involves cutting a pattern or design in ceramic fiber paper, then stacking glass on top of the pattern and firing the piece in a kiln.

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Fusing was the primary method of making small glass objects for approximately 2,000 years, until the development of the glass blowpipe.Students will learn basic fusing concepts and will have a chance to use frit, stringers, and nuggets with other geometric shapes of glass.Learn about the new and amazing world of glass fusing: glass cutting, design, care and operation of a glass kiln.Effective 2016, we have changed our fused glass class roster.

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Jan 16: Glass Fusing 101 This 2 hour class introduces basic concepts related to creating fused class creations.Starting with an introduction to glass characteristics, the instructor will teach all facets of the basic process of glass fusing from learning to cut glass, use of design elements, assembling art glass projects, and fusing.This technique allows you to make one of kind platters, bowls, sinks and wall pieces.Create a plate or a decoration for your loved one as a personalized heartfelt gift that would be treasured for years.


Make one or a few fused glass ornaments and enjoy a holiday spirit We have plenty of samples to choose from that will help to bring your ideas to life.

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Bullseye has the best prices on the best glass fusing kilns, from small to large, tested by years of experience in our studios.

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One Day Introductory Glass Fusing Class usually held on a Saturday once a month.Fused glass is one of the easiest and most exciting techniques for beginners.Glass Fusing is a way to bring eclectic pieces of glass together to create beautiful contrast.

To reserve a Class, please go to our Calendar page and find the event.Use the Class Calendar Page to reserve your Classes and find available Project Pick-up Times.You can take classes as well as buy stained glass and fusible glass.

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You will be responsible for the cost of your glass and supplies.


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Description Fused Glass Basics and Beyond Class will start you in the right direction for kiln learning.

Students will design a 8x8 fused and slumped glass using a variety of glass techniques and methods.In this 6 hour class you will learn about tools, safety in the studio, how to cut sheet glass, use accessory glass, firing schedules, and shelf preparation.Infuse Glass Studio is a creative space where you can learn about glass fusing, kiln-forming, stained glass, mosaic and fundamentals of the design process.